Trip 1 recap

During the Comprehensive Plan’s Kickoff Trip, Verdunity and City officials met with stakeholders, facilitated discussion with appointed officials, led engagement exercises, captured images, and made extensive notes of existing conditions citywide.

The trip, which lasted two days, began with a meeting with planning and economic development staff to discuss their challenges with the existing plan and how the new plan might resolve some of these issues.

Verdunity and planning staff conducted an evening public event at the Krug Activity center to capture input from the public on where and how they work, shop, and make time for leisure both inside and outside of Kyle.

On day two, three public come-and-go events were held across the city at various businesses and in a city park to continue capturing public input. The trip ended with a workshop between the Kyle Planning Commission and the consultants to help identify city assets that will be researched and explored for the plan.

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