Trip 5 (Adoption) Recap

Verdunity presented the Kyle 2030 Comprehensive Plan to the Planning & Zoning Commission on Tuesday, January 9th. The Commission unanimously voted to recommend the plan’s approval to the City Council. On January 16th, a presentation was made to the Council to give them and the public an overview of the plan itself.

Marshall Hines, from Verdunity, walked the group through a few points of clarification that responded to questions asked by the Council and the Commission during a joint work session the city held to discuss the plan and a number of minor text changes that the Planning & Zoning commission had requested in their motion. Mr. Hines answered a number of questions posed by the Council and spoke with them about how imperative the implementation portion of the plan is, which will guide much of the work they do after the plan is adopted.

The Council voted unanimously to adopt the plan with the Commission’s recommendations.

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