September 7, 2023
Draft Plan

The City of Kyle is excited to share the initial draft of the city’s first comprehensive plan. This process has

July 20, 2023
Trip 4 recap

On July 11, two key community events were held in Kyle. The first was a midday event at the Texas

June 8, 2023
Trip 3 recap

Consultants from Verdunity met with both community members and City Staff to review a series of scenarios that modeled the

March 8, 2023
Results of Survey #2

The results are in! See the results of the second community survey.

March 6, 2023
What does implementation of the Comprehensive Plan look like?

Ideally, implementation of the Comprehensive Plan is a community-wide effort. Cities never have enough in the way of resources –

February 21, 2023
Trip 2 recap

Consultants from Verdunity joined City of Kyle staff members for a series of meetings and activities over three days to

February 7, 2023
How is the Comprehensive Plan used in decision making?

The Comprehensive Plan plays a critical role in decisions made for all communities. It is important that, as citizens are

January 19, 2023
Results of survey #1

The results are in! See below for the results from the first survey. The Vibrant Community Assessment is an assessment

December 19, 2022
Why does a City need a Comprehensive Plan?

Cities are living organisms that are always changing and growing in some way. Whether we are talking about physical growth,

December 7, 2022
What is a Comprehensive Plan?

What is a Comprehensive Plan? A community comprehensive plan is a foundational document. Think of it in terms of these

November 8, 2022
Trip 1 recap

During the Comprehensive Plan’s Kickoff Trip, Verdunity and City officials met with stakeholders, facilitated discussion with appointed officials, led engagement

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