Planning & Zoning Commission

Steve DeLory, Seat 1
Mario Mata, Jr. Seat 2
Sarah Oncken, Seat 3
Neil Stegall, Seat 4
Alex Guerra, Chair, Seat 5
Brandon James, Seat 6
Matthew Chase, Seat 7

City Council

Travis Mitchell, Mayor
Bear Heiser, District 1
Yvonne Flores-Cale, District 2
Miguel Zuniga, Ph.D., District 3
Ashlee Bradshaw, District 4
Daniela Parsley, District 5
Michael Tobias, Mayor Pro Tem

Verdunity's role is the project lead, Comprehensive Plan formulation, public engagement partner with the City, and quality control/project management.
TBG's role is assistance with baseline assessment, growth scenario development, supporting graphics, and implementation input.
CivicBrand will assist with public engagement and project communications.

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